Your iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen cracks and no longer shows any content. The phone vibrates and otherwise appears to be working, but the display stays black. Sadly, all it took was a hard fall. The touch doesn't actually respond or have glitches in some aspects. You should trust MK Mobile Inc, an affordable iPhone 12 Pro Max parts supplier, rather than struggle to use your smartphone. Likewise, if you notice audio issues while making calls because the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen is directly linked to the internal speaker! 

At MK MOBILE, we are clear about how important the iPhone screen is to use the device properly. Considering this, it is the most fragile part because it is most at risk for damage, falls, and shocks. But what should one do in case of an accident? You have the option of repairing it and buying a brand-new phone. Similarly, if your iPhone 12 Pro Max internal speaker is attached to this iPhone screen and you can no longer hear your callers during conversations. 

Learn how to replace your iPhone 12 Pro Max's OLED screen or internal speaker using this repair tutorial, depending on the issue you're having. To help you through the iPhone repair process, each step is discussed. You'll see that the technique is possible by normal citizens if they have a little patience and attention. If you replace the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen, keep in mind to be patient and change the original internal speaker. Otherwise, the Face ID function will be lost completely. 

What makes You want to replace your own iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen? maybe the speaker? to reduce prices! With the manufacturer's after-sales support, where damage is usually not insured by warranty, you will not have to spend a fortune. Not to mention the savings vs paying over Thousand euros on a new iPhone... But it also uses an economical strategy! You are not a part of planned obsolescence, sure! If your phone has a damaged iPhone screen or Faulty loudspeaker, you do not really toss it away. a reflex you could apply to all the objects you see every day! 

However, before you begin your iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen or internal speaker repair, we strongly advise you to create a data backup as a safety. Alert: Replacing the inner speaker risks Face Recognition being lost. 




  • Damaged screen 
  • Blank/Black screen 
  • Unresponsive Touch 
  • Dead pixels 
  • No sound during the call 


Turn off the iPhone 12 Pro Max 

  • Before replacing your internal speaker and/or iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen, please make sure to turn off your phone for safety reasons. 
  • You can do this, by pressing the Power (on the right side of the phone) and at the same time pressing the volume button (on the left side of the phone). 
  • Then confirm by switching it off. 

Remove the SIM Tray 

  • With the help of the SIM ejector (Present in the iPhone Box or you can use any thin tool) Insert the SIM ejector into the hole next to the SIM Tray located at the bottom of the left edge. 
  • Apply light pressure, the SIM Tray will pop out by itself slightly. Then you can easily pull it out. 
  • The SIM tray less than a minute to pop out if you have the sim ejector tool. 

Removing the Main Screws 

  • Now we will start by unscrewing the 2 main Pentalobe screws at the bottom around the iPhone 12 Pro Max charging port. 
  • The next step is to use a heat gun. Turn the heat gun on. 
  • With the help of the heat gun heat up the entire iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen for 3 to 4 mins. But make sure to heat the screen from a distance so that it does not affect the screen.  
  • The heat gun will help soften the glue that holds the screen. 

If you feel the glue is still holding the screen repeat the heating process again.  

Disassemble the 12 Pro Max OLED screen 

  • Firmly position the BST plastic opening tool at the bottom of the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen. It gives more grip afterward to the screen. 
  • This process can be done simply using a suction cup. But in this case, Apple has made it much more complex. 
  • Press down on the opening tool to create a slight opening in the display. 
  • Now take a pick from the tools and place it in the opening. 
  • Now remove the BST opening tool clamp. 
  • Gently slide the pick from the opening of the screen around the edge of the display to peel it off. 
  • Make sure you don’t push the pick too much on the inside of the 12 Pro Max. or you may damage any cables.  
  • Be careful, the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen is still attached to the main board by its display cables! 

Remove the Metal Plate 

  • You will see a metal plate on the back of the display. 
  • This metal plate Is screwed by 4 tri-wings screws.  
  • Unscrew these 4 tri-wings screws. 
  • Remove the metal plate. 

Remove the second metal plate 

  • This is not just It the cables are covered by another second metal plate 
  • Unscrew the other 4 tri-wing screws. 
  • Then remove the second metal plate. 
  • Now you have successfully removed the 2 metal plates. 

Disconnect the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery 

  • Now the first major step is to disconnect the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery
  • Make sure the battery is disconnected so that there is no risk of short circuits during the repair. 

Disconnect screen cables 

  • Then continue and disconnect the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen first cable. 
  • Then remove the second cable of the screen. 


Now the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen is separate and partially disconnected. Now comes a bit tough job to replace the inner speaker. Let’s see how it can be done. 

Disassemble the Inner speaker 

  • Unscrew the 2 tri-wings. 
  • Then unscrew the 2 cruciform screws of the inner speaker. 
  • Use the spatula to swing over the internal speaker. 
  • Attention, it is still connected! 

Heating up the Inner speaker 

  • Use the heat gun again to heat the speaker for about 30 seconds to make it easy to remove. 
  • Then gently peel off the top of the cable of the internal speaker. 
  • Continue by gently peeling off the rest of the cable and the speaker. 
  • Be very gentle the cables are really fragile. 
  • The internal speaker is now completely separate from the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen. 


Now you have to replace the inner speaker on the iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED replacement screen.  

And start to put back the screws as you have unscrewed them. Apply the adhesive along with the frame and place the replacement screen. Make sure that you use the OEM Replacement iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED screen by MK Mobile. Apple products are now matched replacing any original product can make other iPhone 12 Pro Max parts faulty. So, make sure you buy OEM replacement iPhone 12 Pro Max parts.